The Psychology Behind Making My Kid Clean His Room

I am looking for a maid service in Salt Lake City because it is too difficult to get my kid to clean his room. I do not understand how he can exist in a state of such entropy. There are always piles of dirty clothes and papers spread around the floor. His bed is never made and his desk is strewn with all sorts of random items and debris.blog1

I hate to nag him about it because my parents always nagged me about cleaning my room and I remember how stressed out that made me feel. It is the same reason why his messy room makes me stressed out now. I do not want to pass this stress on him the way it was passed on to me. At the same time his messy room is making me feel stressed so I have to do something about it.

I do not want to bethe one to clean his room for him because I am busy enough as it is. Plus there is the principle of the matter. He should clean his room not me. If I cleaned his room for him I would feel like I was being manipulated.

So that is the reason why I am looking for a cleaning service in Salt Lake City. I cannot say I feel one hundred percent satisfied about the situation. I still feel like my kid should be the one to clean his room. But he is a good kid in most other areas of his life and I do not feel like this should be the battle I choose in terms of living up to my responsibility as a parent and shaping him into a good citizen.

I realize why his messy room bothers me and it is more my issue than it is his. And do not get me wrong. He does clean up his room when it matters. For example, when guests come over or when I tell him to after it becomes too much for me. It is a complicated issue and as I said, I need to pick my battles carefully.

How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

blog2We find it hard to do the regular work of vacuuming and dusting. But there are other parts of the room that needs thorough cleaning. Here is a guide on how often you should clean the various parts of your house.


bathroomBathroom must be cleaned regularly.

The toilet must be spot clean whenever needed and deep clean every week. You need to scrub the surface with a cleanser to remove germs. The shower heads must be cleaned. You may soak the shower head once a year to remove any deposits.

You can use vinegar to clean. Bathtub should be cleaned once a month. You need to spray the tub with a cleanser so that stains don’t appear. The whole bathroom must be deep cleaned once a month at least.


kitchensKitchen must be cleaned regularly as you cook every day.

Sinks and stovetops are the areas we clean every day. But there are other areas also which require attention. For example, refrigerator must be thoroughly cleaned every four months. You need to take out everything from the refrigerator and clean it.

Oven must be cleaned so that odors from burnt food doesn’t remain. Backsplash is another area you should take care of. It often becomes coated with grease and dust. Wipe it out with a good cleanser once a month.


flooringVacuum floor regularly to remove any dust.

You can do this at least twice a week to reduce allergens. For a tile floor, you need to use a cleaner and mop. If it’s wooden floor, then you need to dust it every week and occasionally spray wood cleaner. This is extremely important.

Just make sure you know exactly what your floor is made out of so that you don’t run into issues with the cleaning products that you use. If you don’t use the appropriate products you can ruin your entire floor.

Other extras

extrasWindows, toy chests and baseboards also need cleaning.

You need to wipe your windows once a month to make it look clean and shiny. Hire a professional cleaning service for cleaning the windows once a year.

Children’s toy chest is a sensitive area and requires cleaning. Baseboards must be cleaned as well.

3 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company


We spend most of our time either in office or at home. We all expect it to be clean to give us the ultimate comfort. Though you will have to spend some money, but it’s worth hiring a professional contractor for your cleaning services. Here are the reasons why:

#1 Peace of mind

Hiring a professional cleaning company will give you peace of mind. You won’t need to worry about any aspect of the cleaning, be it floor cleaning or rest room cleaning.

You don’t have to hamper your day to day job in order to make time for cleaning. If you have a routine cleaning service, then they will take care of the whole thing. A cleaner environment will definitely make employees more productive. At home, you can spend more time with your family if you leave the cleaning job to a professional contractor.

#2 Saves time and money

It takes a lot of time to clean the office or resident. If the responsibility of office cleaning is being given to a professional contractor, then employees can engage in other skillful works and be more productive.

You also don’t need to hire another employee just for the cleaning job. At resident also, it’s very hard to do cleaning after coming home from the hard day’s work. You can do more useful and recreational things like reading book or watching movies. So a professional cleaning service will free up your time and you will get to spend more time with your family.

#3 Healthier environment

The surfaces of home and office are always filled with bacteria and germs. This will cause people to fall sick. A professional cleaning service has all the required materials to make your surface disinfected.

They use special chemicals so that germs and bacteria do not accumulate on the surface again. So, it gives you a healthier environment to live in.

If you’re looking for even more benefits and reasons to hire professionals to clean your home, watch this short 4 min video, we’re pretty sure you’ll find it valuable.