How to Dust Like a Professional

slide_homeMost home owners experience an adversity to dusting but at the same time also possess some vague sense that dusting is an activity that a responsible home owner should perform on a periodic basis. One reason for this feeling of adversity towards dusting might be related to ignorance regarding how dusting should be properly performed. Accordingly, such people would do well to listen to the advice of professional house cleaners.

For example, a professional maid service Salt Lake City would typically advise home owners to avoid the use wood polishing sprays because they often leave an unwanted residue on top of the surfaces upon which it has been applied.  By contrast, employing a dry microfiber cloth can be a much more effective dusting technique over the long term because it does not leave behind a residue.  In the event that a home owner finds a residue as the result of using a wood polishing spray, said residue can be effectively removed by wiping the surface with a damp cloth and followed by wiping with a microfiber to dry it.

A professional cleaning service Salt Lake City will also be able to dust in those normally inaccessible areas.  Often a paintbrush or other similar implement can effectively remove dust from the various nooks and crannies found in decorative accents, lampshades, and corners.  Q-Tips can then be employed to extract any remaining dust.

It is good practice to dust door frames, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and tall shelves before other furniture located on lower levels. Obviously this will prevent the necessity to remove the same dust twice.

Moreover, any accumulation of dust along the baseboards and inside cabinets can be effectively extricated through the use of a vacuum cleaner. Using this tool will prevent dust from floating away to some other unfortunate area of the room.