February is Water Damage Ogden Month!

Happy Water Damage Ogden Month to all the loyal readers of the House Cleaning Utah Blog! It goes without saying that the House Cleaning Utah Blog would not be the irrefutable success that it has become without you all. For that, on behalf of myself (Steven Forrester) and the entire editorial board I present you with my unbridled thanks and gratitude. And it is for this reason that we would like to extend to all of you the most heartfelt sentiments of the season. We know that many of you consider this festive time to be the emotional crescendo of the entire year and we here at the House Cleaning Utah Blog are no exception to that rule by any stretch of the imagination.

Celebrate the Glad Tidings of Water Damage Ogden Month!

There has been much ado about the so called war being waged by the forces of political correctness against the true meaning of what this month represents. Now it is the official policy of the House Cleaning Utah Blog to steer far afield of any religious controversy. The contents of another man’s heart are in no way the business of Steven Forrester or the editorial board and as long as we run this blog they never shall be.

Indeed, it seems ridiculous to us that one man should tell another man what to believe. It is ridiculous to expect another man to believe with his whole heart something that he has come to believe in through compulsion. This type of faith (if I may use the word) must be arrived at through one’s personal journey along the road of life. If that destination is arrived at in any other manner it shall be inauthentic and life is too short to live it in-authentically. At least that is the opinion of Steven Forrester and the editorial board.