Ideas Flow Like Water

commercial-cleaning-brisbaneThrough the practice of meditation the random parade of thoughts, memories and images begins to slow down. Moreover meditation allows the practitioner to maintain an awareness of the machinations of the mind while at the same time not become identified with these machinations. By “identify” I refer to the process whereby a person thinks a thought and becomes fully absorbed in that thought such that they loose awareness of the actual reality in which they currently exist. In a sense the thoughts are like a flow of water. Normally people plunge right into the water and become fully immersed therein with no real awareness of the water damage Utah being done to them. However, through the regular practice of meditation one begins to cultivate the ability to maintain a separation from this water such thatĀ theirĀ focus on reality remains intact.

One might easily and on the surface justifiably ask what is the purpose of meditation. In other words, why would someone want to cultivate this ability? Put another way, what sort of water damage Utah is inflicted upon a person who chooses not to meditate and allows him or herself to become identified with the rushing onslaught of ideas? The damage is not necessarily damage per se. It might be more useful to think of it as a missed opportunity for growth. You see, meditation is nothing more than trying to see reality for what it is independent of all the layers of thoughts, judgment and commentary the mind attempts to place upon it. In a sense the practitioner of meditation is strengthening his or her ability to remain awake and conscious.

This is how it begins. Most people never make it past this point of development. However, those who are able to maintain a disciplined practice over a long period of time just may experience something a little more profound.