The Intrepid Spirit of Scentsy

ScentsyCongratulations to those in possession of that intrepid spirit who took the plunge did join Scentsy! Now you may count yourself amongst the ranks of those who sell the Amazon Rain Scentsy Bar. Yes, you are now free to set off on a rainforest romp where you may swirl with the sweet notes of melon, orange zest, coconut milk and sultry night blooming jasmine. And unlike being in the real Amazon there is no need to fear the dreaded needle fish that swims up a stream of urine and lodges itself inside the urethra.


Because in truth, when you join Scentsy, although you may sell the Amazon Rain Scentsy Bar you will not actually abide in that magnificent rain forest. No, it is you who will hold your house parties safe in suburban America. You will mill among house wives and they will be your customers. Perhaps the scent of the Amazon Rain Forest Scentsy Bar will transport them from their predicable existence to world where danger lurks behind every vine entrapped tree. Perhaps their lives will be enhanced by sweet notes melon and orange zest.

Their happiness is not your responsibility. You may help them only. You may assist them but you cannot show them the way. The journey to enlightenment and bliss is a path that no one person can walk in another man’s shoes. This is true even for a person who has joined Scentsy. It is not an easy life by any measure. No one said this eighty year (or so) sojourn upon this terrestrial body which orbits the sun would be a cake walk. We must do what we can with what we have and make the best of it. This is the secret of which those who have not joined Scentsy can never fully achieve gnosis.