The Line Between Clean and Messy

flooringWhere does one draw the line between messiness and cleanliness? If a room is immaculately clean except for a single soiled sock lying on the floor, is that room messy or clean? Clearly, there exist gradations between perfectly clean and perfectly messy. It might be said that a house exists in a state of cleanliness when its occupant has the sense that the house is clean. In other words there is a certain gnosis of cleanliness that a person exists once a house has been cleaned to a certain extent. This is the case regardless of whether the house was cleaned by its owner or whether the house was cleaned by a house cleaning Vancouver.

Of course this perception of cleanliness will differ from person to person. In other words the perception of cleanliness is a subjective experience. Because this is the case perhaps it will not suffice to talk about cleanliness in objective terms. And yet there is a general consensus as to what is and what is not a clean house. Obviously once a house cleaning Vancouver has cleaned a house and that the cleaning service performed an adequate job most people would agree that the house is in fact clean. Accordingly, it is unclear as to whether cleanliness and messiness are merely subjective states.

We may never get to the bottom of this most vexing question. Certainly, this outcome will probably not be achieved before the word count in this article reaches three hundred. But perhaps, just maybe we can all take comfort in the fact that we¬†as individuals know what is clean and what is messy for our own unique frame of reference. Moreover, our frame of reference seems to accord with most people’s perceptions of reality. True, there are exceptions but for the most part this seems to be the present state of reality.