Of Zeros and Ones

Much like the zeros and ones that make up the language that computers understand a house too can exist in one of two states. Zero and one are the same as on and off. Houses can exist in the state of messy or clean. If the house is in the state of clean probably no further action needs to be taken except that at some point in the future the action taker should recheck to make sure that this state of being is still true. If the house is messy then steps need to be taken to return the house to its natural state of cleanliness.

The action taker can then either clean the house themselves of hire a house cleaning Vancouver to clean it for them. This is the choice the action taker must make. It is a choice between zero and one. It is the choice between on and off. But choose he or she must for the house cannot exist in its messy state forever. It must be returned to its state of cleanliness because to not respect this balance of universal forces would be to make a very grave error indeed. This error would corrupt the main frame and crash system.

But the action taker will not make that choice because he or she cannot. It quite simply is not an acceptable option. No, the action taker must take action (which is his or her nature) and hire a house cleaning Vancouver to clean the house. It does not matter whether clean is one and messy is zero or whether clean is zero and messy is one. Whichever value is clean is the value which the house must return and once it has returned to that state the cycle will be complete. But because the cycle is a cycle it will then have to repeat itself. Such is its nature.