This Most Important of Topics

slide2finalWe have come to the point where we can all agree that the house in which a man lives out his days is in actual fact an external symbolic representation of that man’s inner self. I refuse to and will not lower myself to the level where I need to distinguish between a man’s heart and mind and soul. In truth any such distinction is by necessity an artificial one and accordingly a false description of the actual reality. Because we are all in agreement as to this point there is no further requirement to elaborate upon the point except to say that when a man makes the choice to hire a house cleaning Vancouver service what he is also doing is making the choice to hire a mind (or soul or heart) cleaning Vancouver service.


The consequences of this action are in fact legion despite the manner in which this drama unfolds from a visual perspective. Clearly if one is to observe the maid service Vancouver enter the man’s house and begin their work it will appear to be exactly that. The observer (if not open to the deeper interpretations of existence) will merely see the maid go from room to room dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, picking up clothes, taking out the garbage, wiping down surfaces, cleaning the smudges and streaks from the windows and otherwise setting the house to order. If, however, the observer is open to the deeper interpretations of existence what he will actually see is that the man (the one who own the house) will undergo an internal cleansing.


Obviously the exact nature of this “internal cleansing” is far beyond the scope of a three hundred to five hundred word blog post. Perhaps some day I will have the time and resources to write the comprehensive tome I envision on this subject which will clearly spell out the various nuances, the understanding of which are required to fully grasp the bigger picture of this most important of topics.