How To Use A Drum Pump to Clean Your House

Many the loyal readers of the House Cleaning Utah Blog are becoming keen to the fact that a drum pump can in many cases be used to efficiently clean their house in Utah or any other state or territory for that matter. This method of house cleaning is efficient not only because many cleaning solutions are contained within industrial drums and require extraction therefrom in order to be used in the cleaning process, but also because this particular piece of equipment can be used to extract liquid messes from hard to reach spots such as behind a washing machine or refrigerator.


All sorts of pumps and pump related products can be used in the process of cleaning a Utah house. As discussed in the first paragraph of this blog post, pumps can be used to extract cleaning solutions from industrial drums as well as to extract liquid messes from inaccessible locations such as (but not limited to) behind household appliances. As long as the mess is liquid, a pump can be employed to extract it from its location. These liquid messes may include vomit, urine, water, milk, orange juice or juice of any kind or virtually anything else that exists in a liquid or semi-liquid state.

We say that pumps can be used in this manner in the state of Utah but really the same principle applies no matter what state it is being used. The laws of physics (as far as we are aware) transfer from location to location within the entire universe in which we live. Accordingly, it should be no problem to attempt to use a pump in this manner no matter where you or anyone who is making the attempt happens to be located. Rest assured this is the truth.


If you really want to clean up your house in Utah you might want to consider using a drum pump to take it to the next level. Anyone can clean their house using the standard implements of the trade. These include such items as a mop, a broom, a feather duster and a vacuum cleaner. Few people, however, consider the use of a pump to clean their houses. This is probably because on an intuitive level, the use of a pump does not entirely make sense. What I mean by this assertion is that the subconscious mind does not want to consider the possibility that a pump would be an effective tool for the task.


Most people would never consider the possibility of using this specific type of implement to clean a house (especially in Utah). The reason for this is obvious. Pumps of this sort are not typically used to clean houses. But the purpose of this blog post (if nothing else) is to convince you (gentle reader) that not using a pump to clean your house would be more than a vital error on your part. This is because you have no real appreciation for how clean your house can actually become through the use of a pump.

But the question remains, how does one use a pump in the process of cleaning their Utah home? We all know how to use the normal cleaning implements. A broom is relatively self explanatory. You simply take the pole portion of the broom in both hands to drag the bristle portion of the broom across the floor in order to gather dust and dirt into one location. This makes it easy to then pick up the dirt into a dust bin. From there it is a simple process to dump the dust bin into a garbage pail.