Maids Take Charter Bus Companies to Client’s House

Maids and house cleaners are taking charter bus companies to the homes of their clients in order to perform their service. The question is, why are they taking this mode of transportation as opposed to another mode of transportation? Maids and house cleaners do not make a lot of money and charter bus companies are not cheap by any measure. This would suggest that someone other than the maid or house cleaner is paying the bill for the charter bus company to deliver them to their work site. The obvious person who might be paying for this mode of transportation would be the maid or house cleaner’s employer but this is by no means a certainty.

Le Bus Wendover Delivers Maids to Work Site

A specific charter bus company entitled Le Bus Wendover has been reported to deliver a maid to her work site. The question remains unanswered as to why this is the case and who exactly is paying the bill for this delivery service. This mystery is perplexing for a great number of reasons. Typically, maids or house cleaners drive themselves to the house that they have been hired to clean. Sometimes the agency that employs them will provide transportation in the form of a van but certainly not an expensive, luxurious charter bus.

I suppose I must come to accept the fact that I will never arrive at an answer to these questions simply by writing a three hundred word blog post. There is the sense that the answers will reveal themselves before I reach the end of the third and final paragraph but as I get closer and closer to the end of the third and final paragraph the reality begins to set in that this will not be the case. Life is full of mysteries and I suppose we will eventually die with most of these mysteries remaining just that.