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Under Water Damage Ogden

There are many effects of water damage Ogden that can potentially happen to a house or structure. Water has the potential to rot wood or rust metal. This can compromise the structural integrity of a house or structure which can then make it unsafe to inhabit. Water inundation can also give rise to the growth of mold. If left unchecked mold can quickly spread. The presence of mold can cause breathing difficulties, allergic reactions and other potential health issues. The removal of mold is difficult and often requires a professional mold removal service to successfully and completely remove from a house.


After a house or structure has incurred water damage resulting from a flood, excessive rain, leaking pipes or from some other source it must be addressed immediately to mitigate the damage. This will often require hiring a professional crew that specializes in this service. The first thing the professional service will do is assess the damage incurred from the water. Based on this assessment the professional service will formulate a plan of action. Often times the first step in this process involves removing any remaining water in the house through the use of a pump or vacuum.

Next  the professional service will remove any damaged dry wall and carpeting. After this has been accomplished, the professional service will dry out the house by using industrial fans, heat lamps, dehumidifiers and air conditioners which act essentially as dehumidifiers. Once the house has been dried out new dry wall, carpeting and wood or metal that had been removed can be replaced. In addition to these repairs if the presence of mold is detected it must be professionally removed to prevent negative health impacts on the people who live in the house and may be sensitive or allergic to mold.