Cleaning Service Salt Lake City Don’t Need Your Cleaning Supplies Typically

Typically a cleaning service Salt Lake City will not require their customers to supply cleaning supplies to the workers who arrive to clean their home. This relieves the homeowner from having to concern themselves with purchasing products or having the cleaning service use their household items. Usually cleaning services will be equipped with the necessary tools required to clean a house including but not limited to vacuum cleaners, mops, cleansing products, dusting implements and uniforms. Most reputable services maintain strict guidelines that ensure the cleaning products they use meet green cleaning certification requirements.


Moreover, most cleaning services do not require home owners to make specific preparations prior to the arrival of the workers. Dirty houses are meant to be cleaned and any professional cleaning service Salt Lake City will be willing and able to clean houses regardless of how dirty they may be. That said if a homeowner is concerned about specific items in their houses they are certainly free to move them prior to the arrival of the cleaning service.

It is customary for cleaning services to require a few days notice in the event an appointment is canceled or rescheduled. Typically a fee will be charged if the required notice is not given prior to an appointment cancelation. If no notice is given and they are not able to gain access to a home some cleaning services will charge the homeowner the full price of the cleaning service. Accordingly, it is important for home owners to remember to provide adequate notice in the event of a cancelation. Most cleaning services will provide clear instructions as to the number of days notice they will require.

Most reputable cleaning services will accept all forms of payment including cash, check, debit and credit cards. While tips are usually not a requirement the some homeowners choose to offer their cleaning services a gratuity.

Hire a Maid Service Salt Lake City for the Holidays

As Christmas rapidly approaches the readers of the House Cleaning Utah blog are likely considering hiring a maid service Salt Lake City if they have not yet already performed that task. This is always the case because during the holiday season there is always too much to do and not enough time to do it. It is a well known fact that the cleaning of one’s house is important but typically falls low on the priority list and as a result tends to not get done. It is also well known that when a house is not properly cleaned it tends to interfere with accomplishing other important tasks.

A Maid Service Salt Lake City Makes Things Easy

Hiring a maid service to clean your Salt Lake City home will take some of the edge off the holidays. This is true because once a maid service is employed to clean your house you no longer have to stress and worry about cleaning it yourself. You no longer have to set aside the time to clean your house and you can use that time that you would have otherwise used to clean your house to accomplish other tasks that are more worthy of you time, effort and other important resources.

Another reason why hiring a maid service to clean your home in Salt Lake City as opposed to cleaning it yourself is that living in a clean house goes a long way to lighten the mood. All readers of the House Cleaning Utah Blog know well (why else would you read this blog in the first place) know well the importance of a properly clean and orderly house. There is a certain unexplainable je ne sais quoi that a cleaned house provides that just cannot in anyway be replicated by a messy house.

A Chance to Clean Up America?

The editorial board of the House Cleaning Utah blog would like to take this opportunity to say a few words on the outcome of the 2016 United States Presidential election. First of all, it is well understood that the large population of loyal readers includes people from both sides of the political spectrum be they liberals looking for house cleaning Vancouver or conservatives looking for house cleaning Detroit (for example). That said, it is no secret that the House Cleaning Utah blog has an obvious bias towards the Democrat Party and accordingly was hoping for a Hillary Clinton victory last Tuesday night.

All that being said, the election is now over and we must all learn to live with the consequences. Of course the House Cleaning Utah blog is loyal and patriotic. Because of this we accept the election results and wish the new president elect well. Of course we hope that his presidency is a successful even though we might no entirely agree with his policies or agenda. It is unclear what effect a Trump presidency will have on house cleaning Vancouver if any. It is entirely possible that we can all live through these four or eight years and emerge unscathed on the other side.

It would be untruthful to say that the House Cleaning Utah blog is happy with the results. We clearly are not. However, our identity as Americans supersedes our identity as Democrats and political liberals. For that reason we will offer no obstruction to the Trump administration. We cannot say that we will be enthusiastic supporters (especially at first). One could say that we have adopted a wait and see mentality. In other words we will give Mr. Trump the benefit of the doubt and see how he performs once the mantle of government rests upon his shoulders.


ScentsyOne of the most convincing reasons to join Scentsy is the chance to experience the Cashmere Pear Scentsy Bar. The product description for this alluring product reads, “Slip into sensual white amber, Madagascar vanilla, silky pear and warm red ginger, a blend as smooth and luxurious as fine-spun cashmere.” Anyone who has the chance to experience this product will know with extreme clarity that this product description does not in any way mince words.

The key word in this product description is the very first word, “slip” because this is exactly what the person who has chosen to join Scentsy and experience this product will experience. The feeling of slipping into the sensual Cashmere Pear Scentsy Bar begins with the first vapors to enter the Scentsy joiner’s nose. When this happens he or she will quickly encounter the white amber doors that once opened lead directly into the Madagascar vanilla foyer. From there the Scentsy joiner has a choice. He or she may choose to enter the silky pear drawing room or perhaps make his or her way to the warm red ginger main dining room. The choice is his (or her’s) and no one will judge him (or her) because of the choice he (or she) eventually chooses to make.

At this point the Scentsy joiner will find himself or herself completely lost in the experience. He or she will not know whether his or her brain is an organ of thinking or a blend as smooth and luxurious as fine-spun cashmere. Perhaps it can be both. This is actually a question both the Scentsy team of scientists and philosophers are working on as we speak. Of you and I both know that we are not speaking. I am writing and you are reading subsequent to the time in which I write.

Of Zeros and Ones

Much like the zeros and ones that make up the language that computers understand a house too can exist in one of two states. Zero and one are the same as on and off. Houses can exist in the state of messy or clean. If the house is in the state of clean probably no further action needs to be taken except that at some point in the future the action taker should recheck to make sure that this state of being is still true. If the house is messy then steps need to be taken to return the house to its natural state of cleanliness.

The action taker can then either clean the house themselves of hire a house cleaning Vancouver to clean it for them. This is the choice the action taker must make. It is a choice between zero and one. It is the choice between on and off. But choose he or she must for the house cannot exist in its messy state forever. It must be returned to its state of cleanliness because to not respect this balance of universal forces would be to make a very grave error indeed. This error would corrupt the main frame and crash system.

But the action taker will not make that choice because he or she cannot. It quite simply is not an acceptable option. No, the action taker must take action (which is his or her nature) and hire a house cleaning Vancouver to clean the house. It does not matter whether clean is one and messy is zero or whether clean is zero and messy is one. Whichever value is clean is the value which the house must return and once it has returned to that state the cycle will be complete. But because the cycle is a cycle it will then have to repeat itself. Such is its nature.

Ideas Flow Like Water

commercial-cleaning-brisbaneThrough the practice of meditation the random parade of thoughts, memories and images begins to slow down. Moreover meditation allows the practitioner to maintain an awareness of the machinations of the mind while at the same time not become identified with these machinations. By “identify” I refer to the process whereby a person thinks a thought and becomes fully absorbed in that thought such that they loose awareness of the actual reality in which they currently exist. In a sense the thoughts are like a flow of water. Normally people plunge right into the water and become fully immersed therein with no real awareness of the water damage Utah being done to them. However, through the regular practice of meditation one begins to cultivate the ability to maintain a separation from this water such that their focus on reality remains intact.

One might easily and on the surface justifiably ask what is the purpose of meditation. In other words, why would someone want to cultivate this ability? Put another way, what sort of water damage Utah is inflicted upon a person who chooses not to meditate and allows him or herself to become identified with the rushing onslaught of ideas? The damage is not necessarily damage per se. It might be more useful to think of it as a missed opportunity for growth. You see, meditation is nothing more than trying to see reality for what it is independent of all the layers of thoughts, judgment and commentary the mind attempts to place upon it. In a sense the practitioner of meditation is strengthening his or her ability to remain awake and conscious.

This is how it begins. Most people never make it past this point of development. However, those who are able to maintain a disciplined practice over a long period of time just may experience something a little more profound.

The Line Between Clean and Messy

flooringWhere does one draw the line between messiness and cleanliness? If a room is immaculately clean except for a single soiled sock lying on the floor, is that room messy or clean? Clearly, there exist gradations between perfectly clean and perfectly messy. It might be said that a house exists in a state of cleanliness when its occupant has the sense that the house is clean. In other words there is a certain gnosis of cleanliness that a person exists once a house has been cleaned to a certain extent. This is the case regardless of whether the house was cleaned by its owner or whether the house was cleaned by a house cleaning Vancouver.

Of course this perception of cleanliness will differ from person to person. In other words the perception of cleanliness is a subjective experience. Because this is the case perhaps it will not suffice to talk about cleanliness in objective terms. And yet there is a general consensus as to what is and what is not a clean house. Obviously once a house cleaning Vancouver has cleaned a house and that the cleaning service performed an adequate job most people would agree that the house is in fact clean. Accordingly, it is unclear as to whether cleanliness and messiness are merely subjective states.

We may never get to the bottom of this most vexing question. Certainly, this outcome will probably not be achieved before the word count in this article reaches three hundred. But perhaps, just maybe we can all take comfort in the fact that we as individuals know what is clean and what is messy for our own unique frame of reference. Moreover, our frame of reference seems to accord with most people’s perceptions of reality. True, there are exceptions but for the most part this seems to be the present state of reality.

How to Dust Like a Professional

slide_homeMost home owners experience an adversity to dusting but at the same time also possess some vague sense that dusting is an activity that a responsible home owner should perform on a periodic basis. One reason for this feeling of adversity towards dusting might be related to ignorance regarding how dusting should be properly performed. Accordingly, such people would do well to listen to the advice of professional house cleaners.

For example, a professional maid service Salt Lake City would typically advise home owners to avoid the use wood polishing sprays because they often leave an unwanted residue on top of the surfaces upon which it has been applied.  By contrast, employing a dry microfiber cloth can be a much more effective dusting technique over the long term because it does not leave behind a residue.  In the event that a home owner finds a residue as the result of using a wood polishing spray, said residue can be effectively removed by wiping the surface with a damp cloth and followed by wiping with a microfiber to dry it.

A professional cleaning service Salt Lake City will also be able to dust in those normally inaccessible areas.  Often a paintbrush or other similar implement can effectively remove dust from the various nooks and crannies found in decorative accents, lampshades, and corners.  Q-Tips can then be employed to extract any remaining dust.

It is good practice to dust door frames, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and tall shelves before other furniture located on lower levels. Obviously this will prevent the necessity to remove the same dust twice.

Moreover, any accumulation of dust along the baseboards and inside cabinets can be effectively extricated through the use of a vacuum cleaner. Using this tool will prevent dust from floating away to some other unfortunate area of the room.

This Most Important of Topics

slide2finalWe have come to the point where we can all agree that the house in which a man lives out his days is in actual fact an external symbolic representation of that man’s inner self. I refuse to and will not lower myself to the level where I need to distinguish between a man’s heart and mind and soul. In truth any such distinction is by necessity an artificial one and accordingly a false description of the actual reality. Because we are all in agreement as to this point there is no further requirement to elaborate upon the point except to say that when a man makes the choice to hire a house cleaning Vancouver service what he is also doing is making the choice to hire a mind (or soul or heart) cleaning Vancouver service.


The consequences of this action are in fact legion despite the manner in which this drama unfolds from a visual perspective. Clearly if one is to observe the maid service Vancouver enter the man’s house and begin their work it will appear to be exactly that. The observer (if not open to the deeper interpretations of existence) will merely see the maid go from room to room dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, picking up clothes, taking out the garbage, wiping down surfaces, cleaning the smudges and streaks from the windows and otherwise setting the house to order. If, however, the observer is open to the deeper interpretations of existence what he will actually see is that the man (the one who own the house) will undergo an internal cleansing.


Obviously the exact nature of this “internal cleansing” is far beyond the scope of a three hundred to five hundred word blog post. Perhaps some day I will have the time and resources to write the comprehensive tome I envision on this subject which will clearly spell out the various nuances, the understanding of which are required to fully grasp the bigger picture of this most important of topics.

The Heroic Search for Weber State Housing

flooringExploring a student’s options when looking for Weber State housing can be a bit like walking the path of the hero’s journey. The student begins as all heroes do in the ordinary world of the mundane, the known and the comfortable. He has received his call to adventure in the form of an acceptance letter to Weber State University. Perhaps the student refuses the call to adventure at first thinking that he cannot leave behind all his obligations that require his attention in the ordinary world.


However events will eventually conspire to push our hero over the threshold into the special world of Weber State University. Perhaps a mentor of some sort talks some sense into the hero causing him to realize that the ordinary world no longer has anything to offer him. Perhaps this mentor causes the hero to see that it is only fear of the unknown that is holding him back and that his so called obligations are merely tricks of the mind to keep him from facing his fear. Regardless of the impetus the hero will eventually cross the threshold into the special world and find himself in need of Weber State Housing.


Once in the special world the hero will meet allies to help him on his journey. Perhaps the allies arrive in the form of room mates, fraternity brothers or professors. Together the hero and his allies will be confronted with tests. Agents of the ultimate enemy (the hero’s greatest fear) will confront the hero both testing and strengthening him for his ultimate ordeal to come. The actual form that the ultimate ordeal will take is dependent upon the hero. Fears are uniquely different for every person and one person’s fear might not necessarily be scary to another person. Be that as it may the hero will plod on because the hero’s journey is not one to be ignored.